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Dual Credit at TCC

High school students who enroll in the dual credit program earn transferable college credit, which saves them and their parents time and money. Some students will also earn a high school diploma and an associate degree simultaneously.

With the recent passing of House Bill 8 (HB 8), more high school students from qualifying families can now take dual credit courses for free. In response, Tarrant County College has committed to covering the cost of tuition for ALL dual credit students.

However, students must still pay the additional costs for learning materials such as textbooks, lab kits, and learning platforms. The cost is about $150 per student per semester.

Impact by the Numbers

A pie chart showing 80% in blue, and 20% in green

80% of dual credit students who attend a four-year school the fall following their senior year earned a bachelor's degree within 6 years.

A graphic showing a green number 1 emerging from inside a teal number 5, suggesting the shape of a 1/5 fraction

1 in 5 students in Tarrant County attend TCC by the end of their senior year.

A graphic showing a green person shape, and two teal person shapes

1 in 3 transfer students attend UTA, UNT or Texas A&M.

A graphic showing a teal arrow trending upwards, with the text $9,200 increase

The average associate degree graduate from TCC will see an increase in earnings of $9,200 each year compared to a person with a high school diploma or equivalent working in Texas.

Thanks for Your Donation

Your help covering the remaining costs for learning materials will eliminate this barrier and allow more students to complete college courses while in high school.

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We are truly grateful for your investment in the future of our students.

Updated May 22, 2024