Scholarship FAQs

Find answers to all of your scholarship questions.

Can I apply for more than one TCC Foundation scholarship at a time?

Yes! By completing the general application, you are applying to most scholarships in the online system. Based on general application responses, each application is automatically sorted for consideration for scholarships, which you may be eligible to receive.

After the general application is completed, the system will prompt you to review additional scholarships you are eligible to apply for.

How many TCC Foundation scholarships can I receive?

If selected to receive a scholarship, you will only be awarded one scholarship.

When do I apply?

The scholarship application opens on March 1, 2024.

The application, including your references, must be completed prior to May 1, 2024.

Do I need references?

Yes! You may have up to three references, but must have a minimum of one professional reference is required (example: supervisor, mentor, or advisor).

Personal references will not be considered.

How will I know if I've been awarded a scholarship?

Scholarship award offer notifications are sent to your TCC student email accounts.

When award offers are made, you will click on the link and log back into your scholarship application using your MyTCCTrack username and password.

Award notifications are sent starting August 1.

How do I receive my scholarship?

TCC Foundation scholarships will be applied to your account.

TCC Foundation scholarships are first applied towards tuition and fees. In some cases, remaining funds may be released to meet other educational expenses such as textbooks and supplies.

How will my scholarship affect my financial aid package?

You can receive financial aid and scholarships if you have enough unmet need to accept both. Scholarships count as income.

In rare cases, if accepting a scholarship would cause you to lose financial aid, then the offer will be cancelled so that the aid is not affected.

Will I receive funds for the spring semester?

At the time of accepting the scholarship, you will be able to review the criteria needed for renewal. You will receive spring funds as long as the scholarship is renewable and you meet the requirements.

Can I use a TCC Foundation scholarship at another institution?

TCC Foundation scholarships are only for students who attend TCC.

Who selects the scholarship recipients?

Scholarship applications are reviewed and scored by volunteers from the scholarship committee reviewers.

Are international students eligible for TCC Foundation Scholarships?

Yes, in many instances international students are eligible for merit based scholarships.

Are undocumented students eligible for need-based scholarships?

Yes! Instead of completing the FAFSA, a TASFA must be completed by the deadline. A TASFA is a paper application that can be picked up at the Financial Aid Office at any campus.

Can I get help writing my essay?

Yes! If you need help with your scholarship essays, visit the Writing and Tutoring Center.

Updated February 28, 2024