Appleman Professional Development Award

The R. Gordon and Louise Appleman Professional Development Fund is designed to enhance proficiency, increase effectiveness and improve expertise  through programmatic needs and activities of faculty and staff of Tarrant County College.

Eligibility and Application Guidelines

Applicants must be faculty or staff members at Tarrant County College.

Proposed activities should address subject matters of current interest and importance. The expectation is that the activities bring the College and the supported individuals distinction and recognition for their scholarship and impact on teaching and learning within the individuals' academic departments.

Examples of Needs

  • Costs related to presenting at a conference, symposium, seminar or other meeting, as well as the associated travel costs (including transportation, meals and lodging).
  • Costs to conduct research reasonably expected to attract a specific grant to the College or to the individual from a government, quasi-governmental or private source outside the College.

Additional Information Required

With respect to a presentation (general)

  • Include the subject matter of the program where the presentation will be made
  • A copy of the agenda or program schedule (if available)
  • The number and background of the persons who are expected to attend the presentation

With respect to grant research (grant)

  • The name of the granting entity and the amount of any grant sought
  • A summary of the information required by the granting entity for its grant
  • A summary of the research previously conducted by the applicant related to the grant application
  • The additional information to be obtained with the distribution from the fund, the method for obtaining the information, the name and location of the repository of the materials to be researched or site to be visited for the research activity

Apply for the Appleman Professional Development Award

The dealine to apply is November 12, 2023.

Apply now!

For more information, please contact the TCC Foundation at 817-515-5277 or

Updated March 20, 2024