Community Scholarships

All philanthropic support for scholarships for TCC students is administered by the Tarrant County College Foundation.

The Scholarship Provider Form is required for any organization that wishes to provide an outside scholarship. This form along with scholarship payment should be mailed the to: TCC Foundation, 1500 Houston St., Fort Worth, TX 76102. 

Community organizations wishing to list scholarships on this site, please file out the Outside Scholarship Provider Form, completed forms should be email to


Hot Sauce Depot

Hot Sauce Depot Texas Scholars Program - Application deadline: 11/30/16

Amount offered: $500

Requirements to apply:
Applicants must:  (a) be a U.S.citizen or legal resident; (b) currently accepted to or enrolled in an accredited Texas university, college, or technical school; and (c) have or maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.

For application and more information:


Fort Worth Scottish Rite Foundation

Maj. Thomas Spencer Community College Scholarship - Application deadline: 7/29/16

Amount offered: $750

Requirements to apply:
1. Answer all questions on pages 3 through 4 of this application.   2. Assemble an Application Package in the following order. (No photos) 
a. Your completed pages 3 through 4. b. Your high school transcript and, if currently or previously enrolled in a community college, a copy of your community college transcript, if any. c. A copy of your high school diploma or a copy of your GED Results. d. A verification from your employer with the information in item 4 of the Scholarship Conditions on page 2 of this application. d. A verification that you live in the home of your parent or close family member signed by that parent or family member. e. Two personal reference letters for you. (Must be from non-family members) 
3. Mark out all Social Security Numbers on all documents in your Application Package. 4.  Do not submit application material separately. Incomplete applications may not be considered. 5. Send the Application Package to Fort Worth Scottish Rite Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 1320 - Fort Worth, TX 76101-1320, attention of Spencer Scholarship Committee. 6. Application Packages may be submitted and considered at any time; however an application will not be considered if it is received in the Foundation’s office less than thirty (30) days before the first day of class for the semester for which assistance is sought.  

For application and more information: