Community Scholarships

All philanthropic support for scholarships for TCC students is administered by the Tarrant County College Foundation.

The Scholarship Provider Form is required for any organization that wishes to provide an outside scholarship. This form along with scholarship payment should be mailed the to: TCC Foundation, 1500 Houston St., Fort Worth, TX 76102.

Available Scholarships


Community organizations wishing to list scholarships on this site, please file out the Outside Scholarship Provider Form, completed forms should be email to

Community organizations provide scholarship opportunities. Here is a list of a few of the organizations providing scholarships:



 The Texas Scholarship of Academic Excellence
The law offices of Stephens, Anderson & Cummings are proud to announce the annual Texas Scholarship of Academic Excellence. The scholarship has been created to assist students that are currently attending a university or college in Texas and have demonstrated outstanding leadership and ethical standards on campus or in the local community.

Application Requirements:
 .All student applicants must be currently enrolled in - and attending - a university or college in the state of Texas
 .All student applicants must be able to provide a letter of recommendation from either a university or college faculty member or someone within the community
 .All student applicants must provide proof of outstanding leadership via campus or community involvement
 .Applications must be completed in full
 .Incomplete application packets will not be processed, and applicants with incomplete packets will not be notified and asked to submit missing information
 .All student applicants must complete and include a 500 to 1,500 word essay on a topic chosen by our firm. In the event that the applicant has an interest in law or the justice system, please incorporate that in the essay.
 .All student applicant essays must be in a .PDF format, with the file name as: lastname_firstname_sac.pdf

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Console & Hollawell Paralegal Scholarship

The Console & Hollawell Paralegal Scholarship is open to students attending community colleges in the United States pursuing degrees or certifications in paralegal studies‚ legal assistant‚ court reporting or other law-related field.  Applicants must meet following criteria: U.S. citizen‚ student attending community college or business school in the above-mentioned fields. Must submit proof, of enrollment or plans to enroll in said program.

 .Proof of high school diploma or GED equivalent.
 .The Console & Hollawell 2014 Paralegal Scholarship is to be used exclusively for school tuition and related expenses.
 .A check for $500 will be made payable to the award recipient’s college or school to cover these expenses.
 .All applicants must complete the downloadable application from this page and submit a 500 word essay on why he or she believes in the American civil justice system.
 .All applicants must also include a valid transcript reflecting their high school graduation/GED equivalency and proof of acceptance and enrollment in their school or community college. Failure to include all required materials will result in immediate rejection of the application.

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